Mentorship Program

Although our hackathon is based in the Silicon Valley region of Northern California, we have realized that many communities outside of the Bay Area are underrepresented in hackathons as well as the Computer Science industry. While they might be interested in coding, they may simply not have the resources available to them given either their region or their socioeconomic conditions.

As part of our initiative for encouraging students to use Computer Science to create projects that impact their community, we have created a mentorship program where we will be pairing up high schools students who are proficient in CS with middle/high school students from underrepresented areas across the nation to teach them various aspects of CS.

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June 1st
- June 28th

Flexible Meeting Schedules

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Levels Offered


Teaches them how to code in HTML, Java, Python, or language of their choice. Introduces them to basic statements and methods (if statements, if-else, arrays, recursion, etc)

  • Have taken Intro to CS or APCS or equivalent


Teaches them more advanced knowledge of HTML, Java, Python, or language of their choice. Introduces them to more complex features of the language (ie: Object Oriented Programming, Binary Trees, Heaps, Queues/Stacks)

  • Have proficient knowledge in the subject

Intro to Hackathon Projects

While many students are proficient in a certain language, it is still very hard and confusing for most to make the step between solving coding projects on Eclipse to creating a fully functioning app or website. The mentor will introduce them on how to start a hackathon project and present to them the necessary frameworks and IDEs to create their desired project. (Ex: Flask, XCode, Swift, etc)

Middle and High Schoolers welcome to Sign Up!

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