Our Team

Emily Chen is currently a junior at Lynbrook High School, and currently the lead organizer for Digitize. She loves participating in clubs at school and enjoys playing badminton and painting when she has free time. She is drawn to Digitize because of the unique themes that it holds, and hopes that everybody gets inspired to create new projects to benefit our world.
Anthony Rodriguez is a sophomore at Aragon High School, and is happy to be the Operation Lead for Digitize III. He loves computer science and leads a team in organizing this year's event. He hopes to create an experience students like him will remember.
Vijaya is currently a junior at Lynbrook High School. She loves baking, reading and taking naps. This year, she’s really looking forward to seeing all the projects at Digitize that work towards the core themes and cannot wait to see everyone’s creativity!! Most importantly, she hopes everyone can have fun and learn something at Digitize.
Aileen Mi is currently a junior at Lynbrook High School. She is drawn to Digitize's core principles, particularly having an interest in environmental conservation, and hopes to share her passion through this event! Outside of CS, she enjoys discovering new music, playing with her cat, and napping.
Amanda, the sponsorship lead, is a sophomore at Aragon High School. She is passionate about parliamentary debate, politics, and a wide variety of topics. She also enjoys track and field and volleyball.
Kaushal Ramesh, AVHS 2022 Pleasanton, CA. Soccer, Track & Volleyball. "Living life 1 day at a time"
Hi! My name is Rohan Kaushal and I’m a sophomore at Amador Valley High School. I love coding, so it goes without saying that I‘m a huge fan of hackathons as well. I had a great experience at Digitize II last year, which is the reason I am helping out at Digitize III. Looking forward to it!
Stephanie Lin is a sophomore at Aragon high school and a member of the Digitize Outreach team. Her hobbies include piano, badminton and drawing. She wants to promote interest in computer science among teenagers. She works with the Digitize team to inspire and encourage aspiring coders, and provide opportunities to work together to solve real life problems in a meaningful way.
Ashish Jayamohan is currently a sophomore at Branham High School. Apart from programming, Ashish enjoys playing instruments, from playing violin in an orchestra to playing drums in his free time. Mainly, he enjoys hacking and cryptography as it involves heavy real world applications.
Michelle Liu is currently a sophomore at Aragon High School and is on the Digitize Outreach Team. She enjoys photography and trying new foods. She also swims and plays water polo for her school.
Laksh Bhambhani is currently a sophomore at Homestead High School and is on the Digitize Tech Team. Apart from coding, i love to spend time at our Robotics club, with my friends and playing instruments. I also lead Elementary school Robotics and soccer teams.
My name is Stephanus Yang and I'm currently a sophomore at Aragon High School. This is my first year being a part of the digitize team, and I gained interest after participating in the event last year (Digitize II). I hope you will join us this year and I look forward to seeing everyone's projects!