Our core themes include environmental conservation, health and wellness, and social welfare each of which has its own prize category. We hope to teach students about these pressing social issues and how they can utilize technology to combat these injustices. Through educational workshops and the help of knowledgeable mentors, students are encouraged to design and create projects that target these specific areas.

Along with our three core themes, we will be having a special theme only for this year so that returning participants have the opportunity to create new projects

Environmental Conservation

In the modern world, our Earth faces worsening environmental issues. It is the job of the future generation to develop new technology to change the current destructive practices. Students have the opportunity to address and explore environmental conservation through research and formulation of relevant projects.

Health and Wellness

While it may not be apparent in our everyday lives, many people in our society suffer from mental and physical illness. From mental health stigma to neglected physical problems, many people suffer without reaching out for help. For this category, students innovate new projects to create pathways to improve our health.

Social Welfare

Our world today is rapidly improving, but many still face injustices in their everyday lives based off of their race, economic status, gender, or sexuality. The task for this category is to tackle one of the problems these people face, be it safety, educational opportunities, job opportunities, etc.

A Special Theme: Cyber Security

The rise in the usage and advancements in technology brought with it a rise in cybercrime, thus increasing the importance of software to combat these problems. Students are able to develop such programs, such as anti-fraud, virus protection, and password protection to combat cybercrime issues.